Off The Wall Beach

A Surfline Webcam

This world-famous surf break is packed with surfers, photographers, and other beach goers during the winter months when the swells bring wave-chasers from around the world. During the summer months, it offers a calmer and less crowded beach experience.

Off the Wall features epic barreling waves (mostly rights) that draw surfers and fans from Oahu and beyond all winter. An integral part of the fabled North Shore surf culture, Off the Wall is a reef break just down from the Banzai Pipeline. Surfers often head here when the crowd at Pipeline gets too big.

Sea urchins, reef, rip tides, strong shorebreak. The waves are calmer during the off (summer) season, but the water is still dangerous and you won't see people in it very often. Unless you are a pro surfer, stay out of the water during the winter months!