Chun's Beach

A Surfline Webcam

Just outside historic Haleiwa Town on Oahu's North Shore, Chun's Reef, called Chun's by locals, is a popular surf break: a long, wide beach blanketed in very fine white sand. In addition to its bright perfect waves, blue water, and soft sand, it has plenty of space for everyone, some shade, a lifeguard, and even a freshwater pond that's often good for children for swim in.

Chun's is a perfect beach for beginner surf lessons, and you'll notice the regular surf schools giving lessons on the left (western) side of the break. Of course, like all North Shore and Hawaiian beaches, swimming and surfing here should be reserved for clam days with small waves only. But the good thing about Chun's is that the waves break pretty far out, sending much smaller shore break all the way in to the sand and making it usually pretty swimable, except for the really big days. There's always that lifeguard for added comfort.

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