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This big-wave left-hander always seems impossible to ride when surfers’ eyes scan up and down the beach, from Back Door or Off the Wall, in an attempt to find a peak. The black lava rocks and deep blue trench here create waves that well and break with a lot of face. Rockpile’s rare small days can be good, but it’s mostly a big-wave spot. 

First surfed in the 1970s and then on a more regular basis in the 1990s, Rockpile is a gruesome spot that few surfers can ride. It’s one of the truly big, deep ocean breaks in Hawaii, an awesomely steep hooking wave that defies gravity. It takes guts and skill to surf Rockpile, and maybe a touch of madness. Clean, clear swells approach this mighty reef break then twist like muscles in a spasm around jagged rocks and turquoise seas. When the big, long sloping waves hoist up, you must drive hard to make the drop.